• Ukraine’s Hard Road to Europe

    “Ukraine’s Hard Road to Europe”

    Speech by Ambassador Daniel Fried
    Distinguished Fellow, Atlantic Council

    National Forum – Transformation of Ukraine
    Kyiv, Ukraine
    June 4, 2019

    FRIED: Thank you, Prime Minister Kinakh, for that introduction. I am honored to be here, and to be here with Patriarch Filaret and many friends: Prime Minister Tymoshenko, Ministers Klimkin and Hrytsenko and many others.

    The National Forum -Transformation of Ukraine has a noble goal: bringing together those who support Ukraine’s future as a democracy, secure and sovereign, with prosperity resting on the rule of law and free markets, and part of the European family.

    On the Maidan in 2014, demonstrators waived the Ukrainian flag and also the EU flag, even as they were being attacked and shot at. What did this mean? As Ukrainians explained to me later, the demonstrators were expressing their commitment to their nation, Ukraine, and simultaneously to Ukraine’s future as part of an undivided Europe. This was a choice of values: for freedom against tyranny, for the rule of law against corruption, for the prosperity that comes from the application of these values, and for joining a Europe in which these values, as they saw it, have been institutionalized. These Ukrainian patriots believed in the values of Europe, and by extension the West, more than the West sometimes seems to believe in itself these days.


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