• 9th Europe – Ukraine Forum Reform and Modernization Strategy  – A Breakthrough in the Making?

    January 24-26, 2016

    Representatives of the National Forum “Transformation of Ukraine” took part in the 9th Forum “Reform and Modernization Strategy  – A Breakthrough in the Making?” held in in Lodz, Poland. The Forum was organized by the Institute for European Studies.

    The 9th Europe – Ukraine Forum – is one of the biggest conferences in Central and Eastern Europe, aimed at discussing political, economic and social environment of the countries of Europe, Asia and the USA.

    The debates of the Forum concentrated on the key issues of modernization and development of the economic potential of Ukraine, organization of local government, diverse use of own natural resources opportunities in the region and cooperation with partners from Poland and other European countries. The mainstream topic was depicted as economic and political cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in solving problems of modernization and development of Ukraine, regional cooperation and foreign policy.

    Within the Forum debates, meetings, reports, plenary sessions, discussions, regional and sectoral presentations were held.

    Europe-Ukraine Forum became the venue for nearly 500 participants from Ukraine, EU, Russia, neighboring states and the USA, including government members, politicians, businessmen, regional officials, representatives of international organizations and think-tanks, representatives of educational institutions and nongovernmental organizations of the EU countries, Ukraine and other countries.

    National Forum “Transformation of Ukraine” was presented at its own platform, moderated by Štefan Füle -Check politician, diplomat, the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy (2010-2014), chaired by Barroso. The platform speakers: Jan Tombinski, Anatoliy Kinakh, Mykhaylo Khariy. The National Forum delegation comprised more than 40 representatives.

    Ukraine was represented at the Forum by Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroyid, Igor Zhdanov – Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, PDs Yegor Sobolev, Yuriy Bublyk, Mykhaylo Kniazhytsky, Anatoliy Matvienko, a wide range of experts and businessmen.

    At the same time Poland was represented by Vice Premier, Minister of Culture and National Heritage Petro Glinsky, Foreign Minister Witold Vaschykovskyy, the Marshal of the Sejm Marek Kuchciński, Deputy Minister of Development, member of the Cabinet of Ministers of Poland Jerzy Kwiecinski.

    Presentation: NationalForum_Lodz_en_03

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