December 5, 2017

The Sixth National Forum “Transformation of Ukraine” took place. The topic was: “The Transformation Plan for Ukraine – a unifying agenda for the country”.

Senior representatives of Ukrainian clergy, representatives of the civil society, diplomatic missions, scientist, members of the Ukrainian Parliament (pro-government and opposition), prominent civil society activists.

Members of the Forum stressed the importance of creation of a unifying agenda and the National Strategy for Transformation of Ukraine, drafted jointly with the participation of civil society, pro-European political forces, representatives of the Ukrainian state authorities, partner countries and key international security and financial institutions. The National Forum can serve as a platform for coordinating this process.

As a benchmark for Ukraine’s development, it is proposed to take the technology of reaching the Copenhagen criteria that were mandatory for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe during their accession to the EU.

Sunsequent to the Forum and taking into account the recommendations, the final version of the Resolution and Recommendations has been adopted:
Резолюція та Рекомендації


Презентація НФТУ_VI Форум_05-12-2017_ua_fin