The Secretariat is established to arrange coordination of work, provide organizational support of the National Forum, including processing of relevant information.

Functions of the Secretariat include:

  • development of a wide network of contacts with those who show interest in providing active support of the National Forum in its activities;
  • development of consensus on priority issues;
  • coordination and support of work, coordination of tasks and work plans of the Working Group, including purposes and execution time;
  • organization of meetings of the Supervisory Board, the Advisors Group, the permanent Working Group, the Assembly of Coordinators;
  • coordination of preparation of documents to be discussed by the Supervisory Board, the Advisors Group, the Permanent Working Group, the Assembly of Coordinators;
  • creation of an information center that shall include all reports and monitoring results;
  • providing for more effective communication between members of the National Forum;
  • development of procedures for preparation and discussion of documents;
  • monitoring level of competence of the Strategy, preparation of reports and information materials;
  • providing technical assistance to the National Forum;
  • communication with the mass media, site content, creating a profile of the National Forum and its management in social networks.

In order to coordinate the Secretariat activities, at the beginning of its operation, five highly skilled professionals are appointed, each one being responsible for one of the strategic directions hereinafter contained:

  • cooperation with the authorities (the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine);
  • cooperation with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;
  • cooperation with NGOs, associations, unions, educational institutions, business community;
  • cooperation with the mass media;
  • cooperation with the general public through social platforms.

The Secretariat will include the Head of the Secretariat, experts on strategic directions and support staff. Head of the Secretariat will carry out daily management of the Secretariat and perform a key role in:

  • providing for consensus on priorities and sequence of events of the National Forum;
  • planning;
  • developing and carrying out procedures;
  • coordinating the process of preparing documents for discussion;
  • providing for permanent communication with members of the National Forum, the Advisors Group, the Permanent Working Group, the Assembly of Coordinators;
  • providing for reliable material and technical support of the Permanent Working Group;
  • providing for prompt access to all relevant documents;
  • development of an information centre.