The main purpose is the discussion of reform plans in all areas of economic and social life in Ukraine, as well as establishing the system of communication between the civil society, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine, the Government of Ukraine, and international community.

The Sectoral Forums will be organized at national and regional levels and provide for discussion of the major policy reforms, without excluding other possible issues of the general public interest.

NFTU has formed:

1) Coordination councils, which are important parts of civil society,

2) Coordination councils, formed as civil society representatives in the future sectoral councils, which will be engaged in the transformation of specific ministries by the tried and tested technology (19 in total).

“Coordinating Councils Representing Civil Society”

1.Spiritual Council Oleksa O. Petriv
2. Voluntary movement Andriy Sharaskin
3. Culture Bogdan Strutynskyy
4. Science and education Picture5 Igor Cependa
5. Transformation and modernization of the national idea Oles Doniy
6. Security Anatoliy Kinah
7. Social sphere Olena Biletska
8. Diplomacy Valeriy Tsybukh
9. Energy Taras Steckiv
10. MPs who voted for Ukraine’s Independence Volodymyr Filenko
11. Constitutional transformation Gennadiy Druzenko
12. Entrepreneurship and technology Volodymyr Chepovyy